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     中山市爱的圣科技有限公司?003年由两位电子专业硕士在中国创立,是一家高新技术企?拥有博士和一批曾效力过国内外知名电子、控制、制冷等核心技术的专业研发队伍,包括前端分析、硬件、软件设计、测试、技术支持等部门工程?公司所有产品均享有自主知识产权,拥有多项发明专利和软件著作权?br />        爱的圣,专注于智能控制器领域的研发和制造,产品涵盖了变频空调、定频空调、热泵烘干、工商业除湿、空气净化、抽油烟机、洗碗机、智能马桶、按摩器、咖啡机、食品料理机、血压计、电热毯?a href="/supply/68.html" target="_blank">充电?/a>、汽车逆变电源等多个系列。产品可用于游艇、房车、卡车、家庭、工业、商业特殊空气质量要求场地等.
           技术和产品可靠性,一直是我们的发展原则。所有产品均需通过严格的可靠性测试和环境耐候性测试。公司除自有实验室外,同时与专业级实验室建立了长期的合作关系.。公司全面执行ISO9001?015质量管理体系,现代化的生产基地配备了全部德国西门子高速自动贴片机、回流焊、波峰焊、自动焊接机、智能老化室、自动光学检测仪(AOI)、在线测试仪(ICT)等,所有产品生产过程均在净化车间内进行并采用信息化管理?br />       爱的圣,致力于为全球有智能优化需求的客户提供品质可靠的全面控制及驱动解决方案和性价比高的产品。外销产品可符合UL、CE、ETL认证,生产产品完全符合欧盟的REACH及ROHS指令的环保要?

    Established in 2003 by two Masters majored in Electronics in China, Addisen Technology Zhongshan Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise. It has a strong R&D team comprised of doctors and Professor worldwide in fields of electronics, electronic control, refrigeration, as well as various engineers specialized in frontal analysis, hardware, software design, testing and technical support. We own proprietary intellectual property rights for all products of our company. In addition, we also have a good number of patents on invention and software copyrights.
          Addisen specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of intelligent controllers, including inverter air-conditioner, constant frequency air-conditioner, heat pump tumble dryer, industrial and commercial dehumidifier, air purifier, kitchen ventilator, dish-washer, intelligent toilet, massager, coffee maker, food processor, sphygmomanometer, electric blanket, charging panel, automobile power inverter and so on. Our products are widely used in yachts, caravans, trucks, home, industrial and commercial areas with special air quality requirements.
           We have been taking technology advancement and product reliability as our principle of development for long. All products need to pass strict reliability testing and environmental and weathering resistance test. Meanwhile, we have established a long-term cooperation with laboratories at national level, on top of our own laboratories. With comprehensive implementation of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, our modern production base is equipped with machineries from Germany, namely, Siemens high-speed automatic chip mounters, reflow solderings, wave-solderings, automatic welding machines, intelligent aging test room , automated optical inspection machines, in-circuit test system. All products are manufactured in sterile workshops where information management is applied.
           Addisen is dedicate to deliver the all control and drive solutions with reliable quality at a competitive price to global customers who require for intelligent optimization. All our products are in conformance with the EU environmental standard of the REACH and the ROHS instructions, while our products exported get the certifications from the UL, the CE and the ETL.
          Addisen focuses on providing the best controller for users worldwide.